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  • Paint Island

    “Paint Island” is a hypercasual game focused on painting capsules by passing over them with a paintbrush. In the game, players are asked to paint all of the capsules. The objective of the game is to paint all of the capsules. This game can be played by all age groups and can be played on …

  • Highway Getaway

    Highway Getaway is a fast-paced and exciting game that is suitable for players of all ages. As you drive down the road, your goal is to collect coins and upgrade your car in order to keep going. The gameplay involves zigzagging down the road and avoiding the sides, and you’ll need to have good timing …

  • Shark Gnam Gnam

    Pilot the little Baby Shark creatures called “Gnammy” and collect all the plankton generated by the sea, be careful don’t touch the red monsters or you’ll lose one life! The main goal of the game is to collect as much plankton as possible and sign your personal record. Occasionally you will see a red balloon, …

  • Dinosaur Jigsaw

    Dinosaur Jigsaw is a free online game from genre of puzzle and jigsaw really suitable games for kids! You can select one of the 15 Dinosaurs and then try to complete all image! Have fun and enjoy with your little one! Just one Click Tap to play

  • Dinosaur Cards Game

    It’s a collection of 15 different Dinosaurs descriptive cards to read! It’s just an educational dino game! Click Tap To Play

  • Avaliando Comerciais

    Este aplicativo gratuito é feito para você analisar os comerciais, dizendo sim ou não, perfeito para passar o tempo em frente a tela vendo diversas coisas diferente. Mouse ou Toque faz todas as fun es

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